Samsung Galaxy Note 6 remarkable innovation

The most recent release of Samsung in the Galaxy Note series is Galaxy Note 4. And the results are in favour of Galaxy Note series as Note 4 is selling like hot cakes in the market. And now everyone on the web is talking about Galaxy Note 5, which will make its entry in the month of September 2015. But here we have brought the view regarding the bigger brother of Note 5 and Note 4 i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Galaxy Note 6

Already every month we see an innovation in the smartphone market brought by some manufacturer and Samsung is on the top of that list. Galaxy Note Edge is one of best example and it is only of its type in the market. In the near future a new trend might come to the market related to foldable and flexible display and who knows if we would witness this in Galaxy Note 6.

If you are expecting Galaxy Note 6 in 2015 then it won’t make any sense, we would hear something official regarding the Samsung Note 6 in the 2016 mid from the Samsung and till then we would have lots of rumours, news and concepts.

Galaxy Note 6 release date possibilities:

  • Galaxy Note 4 release date – September 2014
  • Note 5 release date – September 2015
  • Galaxy Note 6 release date – August 2016?

Every year there are lots of rumors regarding the release date of Galaxy Note series family member but it seems like Samsung wants to stick with schedule and we might not hear anything regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date any earlier.

Well, in 2015 we would of course welcome Galaxy Note 5 in third quarter of the year and it would definitely bring us amazing specifications and a new design.

Galaxy Note 6 concept

Galaxy Note 6 Specifications and Features:

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be an outstanding smartphone if we compare it to present generation smartphone. In 2016 the whole trend of smartphone industry might change with the new innovations and unbelievable specifications. Just few years ago, 2GB RAM in a smartphone was like crazy and today there are smartphone in the market which feature 3GB RAM and in 2015 we would see 4GB RAM in smartphones. So in 2016 if you are thinking to have a smartphone with 6GB or 8GB RAM then you might be wrong. The hardware of smartphones are getting optimized with every generation and 3GB RAM smartphone of 2015 would be better then 2014 3GB RAM smartphones. Well, RAM is not only the factor, but other associated hardware matters the most.

Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Exynos chipset is not new to us and with every generation Galaxy S series smartphone or Galaxy Note series member, we always welcome two versions one with snapdragon version and another Exynos version. No doubt, this trend will continue till 2016 and we would see Galaxy Note 6 Exynos version. And in Galaxy Note 6, we would witness first 16-core processor of Samsung, 6GB RAM and amazing foldable display of 4K resolution. If you have a question that how it will happen? Well, in 2012 a 2K-resolution display in a smartphone was never thought and it happened actually. The smartphone industry is one of the most changing industries at present and the reason behind it is very simple, everyone needs something different at intervals. The same design, same configuration and nothing unique will not work any more.

  • Exynos 56xx 16-core, 3.X+ GHx processor
  • Foldable display with 4K resolution
  • 30MP rotatory sensor supporting front and rear
  • New design scheme with metal and alloy
  • Outstanding charging capabilities – 5 Minute charge
  • 6GB RAM
  • 256GB storage memory

Galaxy Note 6

The above Galaxy Note 6 specifications are based on rumors and news circulating over web. There is lot more to discover and experience with the time and Note 6 is not near.

The most amazing thing happen to smartphone is the very fast charging battery technology and it might appear in 2015 for the first time or in 2016 itself. And yes, this is the most required feature of any smartphone. Longer battery backup and shorter charging time, this is the need. And hope Galaxy Note 6 would a beast with such configuration.

News update:

Google is planning to launch the next pixel device in the pixel series of smartphone, the new device wil appear on the market by the month of October, and it will be called as Pixel 3 2018.

The completion:

It is just the start and a new beginning for the revolution in smartphones. And yes Samsung smartphones are playing a major role in the industry. After Apple or before Apple, both the two brands are amazing and have millions of fans. Apple and Samsung engineers always try to bring something that can amaze the world. And we are going to witness more sleeker, slimmer, amazing, faster and wonderful phones in the 2016. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be one out of them, which will force whole industry to think like how it much can happen in a smartphone.

We hope, Galaxy Note 6 to be the world’s most secure, fastest and slimmer smartphone and yes that all we need. A smarter metal alloy thing with which, we can interact, play and communicate. So, let’s wait and first welcome Galaxy Note 4 and later on Galaxy Note 6. We would be bringing other information shortly. Stay tuned, comment your valuable thoughts below regarding upcoming launch and like, share us on Facebook, tweet and Google Plus.

33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 6 remarkable innovation


  2. I never have a complain with the non removable battery idea which is I think it’s better to have inside the phone since I EVER owned a phone with non removable battery and the ones with removable battery before I have Note 5.
    But I found that I really favored the ones with non removable battery. I don’t know why but I just liked it, after all it’s about personal preferences (As long you know how to take a proper care of your battery then it’s not a problem (^v^)9
    And when Note 5 is released, I switch my devices (Note 4 and Blackberry Z3) with the Note 5, which is I found that’s really super and perfect!
    Yes, everything was purrrfect! until I FOUND THERE’S NO SLOT FOR THE SD Card!
    Well Samsung, this must be kind of sick jokes, and it came like a troll for me since I, uh, never had any problem with your phones before until this came!
    I won’t mind to not having a SD Card as long you can make something like offline cloud storage which is not consume on MY RAM and Memory! I feel so restricted that I cannot store many pics and musics like I did with the Note 4 and since I TEND TO GET PARANOID WHEN I SEE THE STORAGE BAR SLOWLY INCREASING AND IT FREAKS ME which forced me to delete everything on my phone, because I don’t want to see my phone become slow! And I really love this phone but that problem just make me like seeing my cute children is having obesity which is not good for the health!
    And it’s same for the phone! Two Stomach is better than ones! So, I really hoping there will be a solution for this problem than having an USB sticking on my phone all times. I won’t use that so often, I am afraid it will break the cable port.

    1. “consume on MY RAM and Memory” they are the same thing
      “because I don’t want to see my phone become slow” your phone wont become slow if you have to many files. it’s just like a computer.
      “CLOUD STORAGE WHICH IS ACCESSIBLE WHETHER IT’S ONLINE OR NOT” cloud storage is an online service
      huehuehuehuehue you are a “genius” m8

  3. I have owned a Note 3 and now a Note 4 and unfortunately the upgrades to these phones aren’t always linear or what they should be. The Note 4 actually lost some sensors that the Note 3 already included. Now the Note 5 loses its ability to change the battery. Owning the Note 4 I can honestly say that I could have waited for something with more “change” or upgrade. I paid $800 for my Note 4 that’s almost as much as a full blown computer. A computer that will normally have a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years if you don’t upgrade it’s video card or its ram. In other words if you aren’t careful you will not get your’e monies worth.

  4. Hello Team Samsung

    I Feel best innovation by Samsung is NOTE EDGE , as this EDGE is utility and unique unlike edge given in S6 series as that is just for show.
    I have latest flagship phones of samsung , but i dint upgrade to S6 Edge Plus and NOte 5 as both lack innovation for upgrade.
    I have S6 edge and NOte Edge.
    So eager for NOTE EDGE 2 then i can upgrade as that value add.

  5. Yes Samsung! Removable battery and SD card pleeeeese for the Galaxy Note 6. This is the main reason I started out with the Samsung Galaxy series way back with the S-3. I love the idea of simply carrying an extra battery or two in case I need it. Went to S-4, Note 3 then Galaxy S-6 without removable battery and SD card and we hate it!
    OMT, when I put my Note 3 in the dock, it displays the time, weather, etc. Would be an improvement if it also displayed the battery strength.

  6. this is not impossible …. 6
    Outstanding charging capabilities – 5 Minute charge
    6GB RAM
    256GB storage memory Exynos 56xx 16-core, 3.X+ GHx processor display with 4K resolution 30MP rotatory sensor supporting front and rear is impossible just impossible

  7. I’ve been a Samsung Note user since the first Note. I choose Samsung over Apple because of their ability to easily change battery and to add movies, music, and files via a user accessible SD card. The Note 5 takes all that access away. I won’t buy the Note 5 just for that reason. Tell me then, why wouldn’t I switch to Apple when Samsung is restricting me the user in just the same manner as Apple? If the Note 6 doesn’t put the user back into control, I just might!

    1. yeah, I’m in that boat, i’m sure on samsungs end it makes sense somehow, (probably not since no ones biting) , but it’s a turn off for me.

  8. I have used note 3 and note 4 right now m using note 5 its awsome n battery is good but non removble is not good.
    I hope note 6 Will b removable battery n awsome feature n waiting for note 6

  9. The Note 5 suffered sales due to lack of microSD support. I know I didn’t upgrade to it, after owning both the Note 3 and then the Note 4. If Samsung is serious about winning me back, they’ll put a microSD slot on the Note 6.

    Internal memory is worthless if the phone is destroyed and you can’t access the information… cloud services are only as good as your connectivity. But even with a broken phone, you can remove the microSD card, put it in a new device, and rock on.

    Samsung, please understand that! Put a microSD slot on the edge of the Note 6 and you will win us back.

  10. Sounds like a beast of a phone. Even out beat acer predator. It would be nice to have 4 front facing speakers. Great for watching movies. But I left Samsung right after the note 2. Never been back. But if lg dont dont step up I might come back.

  11. I’m ooking at purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but I won’t do it for three reasons, no IR blaster, no removable battery and no SD card slot. Build those into the Note 6 and you have a customer.

  12. from seeing the gadget show last night , the batteries ard definitely getting thinner & faster at charging, things are really moving on now eith fones , & ive always been a samsung fan, & am looking forward to the next one, but please bring them out earlier.

  13. note 5 only capable of 64gb internal storage + 3000 battery vs. my note 4 128gb micro SD + 32 internal + 10000 extended battery, I’m staying with note 4, please please make note 6 have removal battery option and micro SD

  14. I switched to the Galaxy Note 5 from the note 3 and I am truly disappointed. No SD card slot and no IR blaster… Come on Samsung. Wake up… Someone at Samsung is slacking off here when it comes to thinking about customers’ needs. I will be switching to a different brand if another manufacturer can step up and take advantage of this screw up by Samsung.

  15. Seriously, Bring back the removable battery… I work 2 jobs and am working on some personal entrepreneural ventures , Sometimes I leave home at 6 am and dont return until 10 pm.
    The very first thing i do when I buy a new phone is go on Ebay and purchase about 4 spare batteries. after owning a NOTE 2, NOTE 3 and NOTE 4, I refuse to buy the NOTE 5 spacifically becasue of no upgradeable battery.
    I absolutely LOVE the NOTE series but by abondoning the needs of your customers and the most important features of the phone, you are only forcing anti- Idiotphone people to become LG and HTC Customers.
    Not being able to upgrade and replace te barttery will make me not purchase the phone.

  16. Sam,
    The only edge you had over Apple was the removable SD card and the removable battery. When these options are removed with the Note 5, you have removed the only edge of your flagship phones over Apple. Yes, Galaxy phones are fast which are double the specs of Apple phones but with all the bloat wares that is running, it really does slows the phone and nullified the advantage of the hardware. Now that the Iphone also have a 5.7″ screen, there is no reason why consumer should buy any Galaxy phone. I personal have a Note 3 and currently owns Note 4 but see no reason to upgrade to a Note 5. Currently thinking about the LG V10 which does have removable battery and SD card and is military grade screen.

    One question, what made you think it was a good idea to drop the only advantage (removable SD card and battery) you had over your main competition (Apple) will win this race for phone domination?

    Copying the competition will not help you win the war as you will always be a step behind.

  17. I have the Note 2 and held off. Was going to get the Note 4 till my brother told me to wait for the release of the Note 5. I was so excited that the Note 5 was coming out that I waited. Then I get the crushing spec that they pulled the removable battery and the MicroSD card. Till this day I still have the Note 2 and I think I will switch to the LG G4 or G5. I LOVE the Note family since I bought the Note 2 and Now for No good reason that I can see they decided to loose sales instead of increasing sales due to this stupid Change to their once Great Smartphone. I will try to hold off till the Note 6 is released I hope to read in the spec that the removable Battery and MicroSD card features have been reinstalled into the phone.

  18. I would definitely like to see the removable battery and sd card slot come back. I also did not upgrade to 5 for that reason.

  19. I switch to Samsung with the captivate, I used also S2, S3, S4, Note, Note 2, Note 3 and finally to note Edge.
    I am waiting for the SDCard slot, if it not come back in Note 6, I will move to another brand.

    Put and SDcard, backup all information that I don’t want to put in cloud is a very important security options.

  20. originally, I plan to buy a note 5 because of the s-pen feature. Now I have already bought a LG phone because of the “removable battery”, ” sd card” ; “dual sim”.

  21. I have a Note 3 since 2013, it was an excellent phone w/ very little issues. memory was one until I upgraded my SD Card w/ a 64 GB. I was also existed to upgrade after my 2yr contract w Verizon was up.
    It was like waiting for Christmas and opening an empty box when I found out the NOTE 5 did not have the 3 main things that makes the note bad-ass.
    NO SD CARD ,

    So after long deliberation like 2hrs at the store I finally went with the NOTE 4.
    There is fine line of the latest and greatest technology and what is totally functional and needed. I was even trying to convince my ex wife and daughter to go with the Galaxy 6 Edge + but they went with the LG V10 for those exact same reasons… Big mistake Samsung … your product was kicking ass SO WHY????? I am happy with the NOTE 4 upgrades from the NOTE 3 so its fine for now!!

    I am going to patiently waiting for the NOTE 6. the pre specs and rumors make it worth the wait but if i open another empty box i may just go elsewhere

    At least bring back the SD card and the IR blaster. It is rumored to have a 4000 – 4200 mAh internal battery which will do wireless charging so I can live with that.

    If not Samsung you are shooting urself Guerrilla Glass or not!!

  22. I have never had a note but Samsung galaxy 6 will be my first….but I would like removable storage micro mini sd cards I have edge now but that is its only down fall besides popups hate that but before I would just take out my card write what year and now I have to download to computer and put on usb drive….to much time

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